It may not be the biggest or best known city in Scotland, but there's a lot going on in this east coast city. Dundee is known in the UK as a hub for those wanting to study game design, graphic design and arts in general. This is thanks to not only all the studios here, but the Duncan and Jordan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design which puts on an impeccable Degree Show every year and attracts a lot of creatives to the city. Moreover, thanks to its small size, there is a community element to Dundee that's really special. Locals often describe it as a 'city with a small town mentality'. Take that as you will!

‘A Little Beyond’ – Dmitrii Gruzdev of Gaijin Entertainment on breaking into game design at 22

Before studying game design at Dundee’s Abertay, Dmitrii Gruzdev sealed his first professional gig with Gaijin Entertainment. Meriting luck, drive, and a confidence in his interests, he tells ironeko about what lead him here; his advice for aspiring designers; and the rift between university and real world experience. How did you find your first game […]

Mar 17, 2020

‘I’m Here, I’m Sad, Get Used to It!’ – a chat with experimental hip-hop artist Elliot Stradling

Dundee-based musician Elliot Stradling talks the importance of vulnerability, honesty and evolving your artistic voice. Sitting before me is a young man clearly infused with excitement for his craft. And Stradling’s fascination with ‘how vast the music catalogue is’, certainly comes through on his 2019 ROOKIE SEASON EP, which is a fusion of emo and […]

Dec 13, 2019

Achieving Your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal — a talk with Edel Harris

Edel Harris wears her multitude of achievements easily. With a smile, she sits before a room of members from Dundee’s Societay, all waiting to hear just how she did it. After growing up in an environment where university was ‘just not on the agenda’, and (despite her many projects to create social change) not considering […]

Sep 17, 2019