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Evie Dillon-Riley
February 10, 2021

'The Basics of Typography' - a 10 minute gem from Maxime Rabot

Visual Designer Maxime Rabot has created a fantastic Figma Community resource in his quick and accessible guide to basic typography and why it matters. As typography for beginners resources go, it's well worth your time. A snippet of a handy infographic in 'The Basics of Typography' A joy to read

Evie Dillon-Riley
August 29, 2020

'joy & dread in the wildness of words' - Scottish writer Ophelia Po talks about her first comic book 'Blood Ties'

Drawing on her background as a classic literature student, and striking self-taught illustration skills, Ophelia Po has released her first venture into comic book creation with the Gothic gem 'Blood Ties'. The comic touches upon themes close to home for many during the 2020 lockdown, including isolation and uncertainty. Today, Po talks being an artist online, and how she overcame her own uncertainty and fear to bring 'Blood Ties' to life.

Evie Dillon-Riley
May 15, 2020

Figma - Exciting New & Upcoming Changes in 2020

Figma, the collaborative design and prototyping tool, has yielded great success as a slick (and free) Adobe XD and Sketch alternative. And this year, its features and UX are being upgraded like never before. So let's have look at what's new in Figma in 2020. The

Evie Dillon-Riley
April 20, 2020

Writing Tips for Non-Writers 2: How to Write an 'About Me' Page

Want to add a personal touch to your business? Is your blog or portfolio missing that friendly element? Then an 'About Me' page is something worth exploring. Today, we'll go through how to write an 'About Me' page without being corny. 1. Decide how important your story is to your brand. If you're reading this, you probably work solo (or as part of a small team like Ironeko). In that case, you can afford to attach your own story and personality to your brand. Is there an in

Evie Dillon-Riley
April 15, 2020

Writing Tips for Non-Writers 1: How to Write a Professional Email

Want to know how to write a professional email that your staff will actually read? Looking to leave a more personable impression in business? Or simply improve your written communication skills? This is the article for you. 1. Mix up your sentence lengths Like speech, text flows better when the recipient isn't being bombarded with long sentence after long sentence. There are many reasons for this. For example, notice how in my intro for this article, the shortest, snappiest sentence comes at the end.

Evie Dillon-Riley
March 30, 2020

Why Every Business Should Hire a Writer

If we know illustrations need illustrators, designs need designers, and code needs programmers, why don't we acknowledge that words (if we want them done well) need writers? Today we'll go through why hiring a writer can be so vital. Job descriptions are important In a city full of coders, tech aficionados and designers, I know a fair few people working in design, programming and general IT. But these jobs are not always what they seem. Indeed, to their surprise, these people often end up being given their company's writing jobs too, even if it's not within their ski

Evie Dillon-Riley
December 13, 2019

'I'm Here, I'm Sad, Get Used to It!' - a chat with experimental hip-hop artist Elliot Stradling

Dundee-based musician Elliot Stradling talks the importance of vulnerability, honesty and evolving your artistic voice. Sitting before me is a young man clearly infused with excitement for his craft. And Stradling's fascination with 'how vast the music catalogue is', certainly comes through on his 2019 ROOKIE SEASON EP, which is a fusion of emo and hip-hop. I wanted to know what lead him to create it.