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The Material Icons alternative to watch in 2020:

The Material Icons set from Google is possibly the most famous icon set on the web. It’s good, but it’s everywhere. So alternative icons are sometimes worth exploring. In this article we’ll explore my new favorite alternative icon set. Along with maybe the Font Awesome Icon set, the Material Icons set is the first well […]

May 10, 2020

How to: Pick the perfect website colours (a resource guide)

Picking website colours is something every designer struggles with. But there are some great resources out there to help. Here’s a curated list of excellent and easy-to-use sites that could prove invaluable to your next project. Happyhues is one of my go-to websites when looking for a new colour palette. While its options are […]

May 4, 2020

Writing Tips for Non-Writers 2: How to Write an ‘About Me’ Page

Want to add a personal touch to your business? Is your blog or portfolio missing that friendly element? Then an ‘About Me’ page is something worth exploring. Today, we’ll go through how to write an ‘About Me’ page without being corny. 1. Decide how important your story is to your brand. If you’re reading this, […]

Apr 20, 2020

Writing Tips for Non-Writers 1: How to Write a Professional Email

Want to know how to write a professional email that your staff will actually read? Looking to leave a more personable impression in business? Or simply improve your written communication skills? This is the article for you. 1. Mix up your sentence lengths Like speech, text flows better when the recipient isn’t being bombarded with […]

Apr 15, 2020

Why Every Business Should Hire a Writer

If we know illustrations need illustrators, designs need designers, and code needs programmers, why don’t we acknowledge that words (if we want them done well) need writers? Today we’ll go through why hiring a writer can be so vital. Job descriptions are important In a city full of coders, tech aficionados and designers, I know […]

Mar 30, 2020

An in-depth look into Facebook’s new design

After a decade of comfortable design stagnation for the platform, the 2020 Facebook redesign is here. And as one of the lucky people who got to test it this week, and I have to say: I’m impressed. Facebook has been altering bits and pieces of their design for the past couple of years. However, as […]

Jan 31, 2020